How To Get Your Shit Together

Ok, so it’s already almost March and I’m sure some of you guys don’t need to be told how to get your shit together.

Some of you have already started the new year off on the right foot, and if that’s the case, congrats my friend!

However, some of us *pointing at myself* have been…well…um…slacking a little.

In my defense though, I have a newborn, so my spare time only exists in the middle of 1 hour naps (if I’m lucky that day)!

Anyway, it’s not too late to get your life in order this new year, so here are a few things you can do to start.

Make All Your Holiday Returns

You know that pile of stuff you have in the corner of your room? You know, the gifts you got for Christmas that you still need to return? Well, go do that. I’m the WORST when it comes to returning stuff, but helloo!! There’s no point in keeping things you’re never going to use. Go get your money back or go get something you WILL use. I’ll be making a Target run this week for exactly this purpose.

Clean Out Your Fridge

I can’t be the only one who’s fridge habits are absolutely embarrassing. I tend to keep food in my fridge for way too long hoping that at some point I’ll eat it. But dude, when a few months have gone by and that pasta’s still sitting there, it’s time to throw that sh*t away, okay? So start the new year off right and do a total purge. Go through your fridge and pantry and get rid of stuff you that’s expired and/or you’ll just never eat. Then go to the store and restock all essentials. Adulting at it’s finest.

Clean Out Your Closet

I finally did this yesterday and dude – it made me feel so much better! I’m notorious for holding onto clothes for way too long, even when I haven’t worn pieces in AGES. Cuz like, what if it comes back in style, ya know? And yes, one day I’ll be that skinny again (LOL). Anyway, truth is, if you haven’t worn something in the past 6 months, it might be time to get rid of it. So grab a giant trash bag, go through your clothes, your shoes, and your purses, and donate the stuff you haven’t used in a hot minute.

Organize Your Makeup

I have soooo much makeup I need to go through. IDK about you, but I have containers full of unused products and most of the time I just forget I even have them. So do yourself a favor and buy a few vanity organizers where you can actually put your makeup in. That way, you know what you have and it doesn’t all go to waste.

Pick Up One Book That’s Been Sitting On Your Bookshelf Unread

I have a tendency to buy a bunch of books and never read them. Instead, they sit on my bookshelf looking pretty until one day – sometimes years later – I finally decide to read them. So now that it’s a brand new year, how about you pick one of those up, huh? Between commercial breaks of the Bachelor, I’m sure you can do a bit of reading. Shameless plug: you can also order MY book if you’re looking for something brand new to read.

Develop A Fitness Routine

I hate working out, but since I’m trying to get my life together now that I’m a mom and officially an adult, I’m working on developing SOME KIND of a fitness routine. Right now that just consists of some light stretching, a daily walk around the neighborhood, and 5 minutes of yoga before bed, but hey – that’s better than nothing! So try to carve out just 10-15 minutes a few times a week and figure out a fitness routine that works for you. Trust this lazy girl over here – your body will thank you for it.

Set 3 Goals For Yourself And Write Them Down

I set a lot of goals for myself. Usually when I’m in the shower, thinking, and a whole bunch of ideas suddenly come to me. But you know what the problem with those are? I don’t write them down. I don’t write them down, I don’t have them in my face every day, and then…I forget about them. So this year, figure out what 3 things you’d like to accomplish. And regardless of whether they’re big dreams or smaller goals, write them down and make sure to read them to yourself each and every day. Then, make them happen.

Make Space On Your Computer

I NEVER have space on my computer. Isn’t that freaking annoying? I’m constantly having to go through my files and getting rid of my old stuff to make room for the new. I find it terribly annoying and beyond frustrating, so if you really want to get your life in order, take a day or two and really go through your computer. Get rid of files you don’t need and transfer the stuff you DO onto some kind of external hard drive. That way, you don’t find yourself in the same frustrating situation in another week or two.

Make Space On Your Phone

Same as above, but on your phone. Because yea, the fact that I have over 20k photos on my roll is absolutely cray.

Find 3 New Blogs, YouTube Channels, and Podcasts To Follow

It’s never a bad idea to seek inspiration from new sources. So this year, find some new content to check out and tune in on a regular basis. Whether you’re looking to get your finances in order, work on a relationship, or finally pursue a side hustle, there’s so much content out there about anything you can imagine. Want to follow along on my journey as a first time stay-at-home-mom? You can check out MY YouTube channel here.

Find A Charity To Donate To This Year

There are so many good causes out there, so how about you pick just ONE to focus on this year. Donate your time or donate your money, but think about finding a way to help others and focus on giving back.

Call A Friend You Haven’t Talked To In A While

Life gets busy. I realize that. But every once in a while, how about you pick up the damn phone and call one of your friends you haven’t talked to in a while? Sure, you’ve seen their posts of Instagram. You know they’re alive. But what’s really going on in their life? Pick up the phone and find out. A quick public service announcement – making new friends in your twenties and in adulthood is HARD, so it’s in your best interest to maintain the friendships you already have. Just a little time and effort is all that’s required.

Create A Budget

Yea, I know. It’s not sexy to make a budget. Spreadsheets? Money management? Ughhh, the worst.    But this is a post about getting your shit together and that definitely means taking control of your finances, ya know? So figure out how much money you have coming in, what your expenses are, and how much money’s left over for all the fun stuff. Stick to the plan and you’ll be in a much better place come next year.

Create An Inspirational Workspace

Whether you have a cubicle at the office or work at home, wherever it is that you’re getting sh*t done, it always helps to have an inspirational workspace. I like to keep inspirational quotes over my desk to remind me of what I’m working towards, but figure out what works for you and create a workspace that gets you going.

Clean Out Your Email Inbox

Dear God, I’m the worst at cleaning out my inbox. Even though a lot of it is spam, it just sits there – forever. But if you want to get your life in order, friend, you HAVE to clean out your inbox. Bulk delete everything if you have to and start fresh. Otherwise, you’re likely to #1 – go insane, and #2 – miss important emails since they’re surrounded by crap. Come on…I have faith in you.

That’s about it! Anything else I missed? What kinds of things do you do when you’re trying to get your shit together?


  1. Stephanie

    February 25, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    I absolutely loved all of these tips! I’m always looking for ideas on how to get my life together & I added all of these things to do my to do list. It’s going to be a lot to go through, but I know I am going to feel so much better after. Thank you for the inspiring post! 🙂

  2. Anjelica Runyons

    February 26, 2018 at 11:32 am

    great post!

  3. Rachel

    March 7, 2018 at 1:27 am

    Love this tips! This will be on my passion planner next <3 Have a great day! Keep up the good work!

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