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Gen Y Issues

How to Make Millennial Stereotypes Work For You

Hope you guys enjoy today’s GUEST POST from my friend Dayton! The negative stereotypes against Millennials aren’t about to go away.  We’re lazy, inept at face-to-face communication, and entitled.  Sure, previous generations had it hard, but they grew up in an entirely different era, one […]

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Self-Employment for Gen Y

So I’ve been thinking a lot about self-employment lately. Because naturally, as a creative writer, that’s what us crazy people tend to do. Actually, it seems that a lot of young professionals are pursuing self-employment these days…since…well…there aren’t many jobs out there. Rather than crying in […]

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Twentysomething Comparisonitis

They say one third of people in their twenties feel depressed. I believe it, and this is why… It seems that the society we live in today has somehow found a way to make sure that we compare every single aspect of our lives with […]

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