The 52 Lists Project | Week 1: Goals + Dreams For This Year

The 52 lists project
Alright, so I’m already a little bit behind with this new series, but since one of my big goals for 2017 is to write more frequently, my amazing hubby bought me The 52 Lists Project. If you haven’t heard of it already, The 52 Lists Project is a journal with 52 different writing prompts, one for each week.


I’ve been struggling with this whole being creative thing lately, so I’m using The 52 Lists Project to  push me, especially during those times when I have zero desire to write.

The goal here isn’t to come up with the perfect answers to the prompt or to create lists that are perfectly crafted. Instead, the goal is to be raw and real and just freaking jot down whatever comes to mind.


So that’s what I’m going to be doing and if you’re kind of in that same kind of creative rut, join me! The journal is $10 on Amazon and it’s exactly what I think a lot of us need to help push through our writer’s block. Anyway, here’s week #1.

List Your Goals & Dreams For The Year

  1. Live a healthier lifestyle
  2. Try new recipes
  3. Finish paying off all remaining debt
  4. Fence in our backyard and have a comfy outdoor space
  5. Kick butt at work, pushing myself creatively
  6. Create an income-generating online product
  7. Prioritize more “me” time
  8. Practice yoga at least twice a month
  9. Pursue speaking gigs whenever possible
  10. Increase volunteer work
  11. Read more books and actually finish them
  12. Visit at least two new places I’ve never been to before
  13. Create a better balance between working, blogging, and family time
  14. Collaborate with other like-minded bloggers and professionals on fun projects
  15. Write more consistently
  16. Find additional freelance writing clients
  17. Work on better managing my anxiety
  18. Hit 50,000 page views per month
  19. Spend more time working on printables for Etsy store

Now it’s your turn! I came up with 19 of them, but just tell me ONE. What’s ONE goal you’ve set for yourself this year? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Kwame

    January 15, 2017 at 8:42 am

    I have this book and I just looked at it this morning before reading this post and thought to myself you should really start using this book. Thanks for reinforcing that thought. This post came right on time for me.

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