Yes, Failure is an Option

Yes, Failure is an Option

Last night, I was sitting on my couch stuffing my face with strawberries and Nutella when I came across this Domino’s commercial...

And you know what?

I loved it.

Because it was probably the most refreshing thing I’ve seen in a really long time.

Now I know you’re probably thinking, “what the heck is so awesome about a pizza commercial??”

Thing is… it wasn’t about the pizza.

It was about the company, and its culture.

A company that’s okay with admitting that it’s not perfect.

A company that’s okay with accepting failure.

A company that’s willing to learn from that failure and then makes changes.

I don’t know…maybe I’m crazy, but I really liked their honesty.

Because that honesty is really hard to come by these days.

True. Story.

It seems that organizations spend way too much time trying to be the best…trying to be perfect.

AKA… no failure allowed.

So when failure does naturally happen at some point or another, corporate execs spend more time pointing fingers than on actually learning from that failure and continuing to make progress.

I guess that’s why I like this commercial so much.

Because if more companies embraced a culture that’s okay with failure…that sees the value in learning from things that don’t necessarily work out…maybe employees would go out on a limb more often.

Maybe there’d be more innovation.

Maybe we’d actually find solutions to most of our problems.

But we don’t, because we’re scared.

We don’t because, again… most organizations punish people who venture from the norm and then fail.

That’s not cool, and quite frankly, we’re not gunna get anywhere in life with an attitude like that.

So props to you, Domino’s, for being smart enough to say, “hey, we’re not perfect…and we’re fine with that.”

That’s the kind of company I’d like to work for one day…

One that’s not putting on a front.

One that’s honest and sincere.

One that’s accepted that not only is failure an option, but failure is necessary in order to experience growth.

Way to go, Domino’s. You’ve got my attention.

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11 thoughts on “Yes, Failure is an Option

  1. Sfritzauthor says:

    Reblogged this on I write about things and you read them and commented:
    My thoughts exactly, failure is an option and it’s something that is bound to happen. The important part of failure is what you do afterwards!

  2. Eugenia-PaintedPoshAve says:

    I love this! I completely agree! It’s like we forget that the road to success included a few failures…

  3. Patrick says:

    This commercial reminds me of that line they repeat in Batman Begins, “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

    …and strawberries with Nutella sounds delicious.

    • Kayla Cruz says:

      Love that line….I’m a big batman fan. And yea, that’s like my favorite dessert…I just pretend Nutella has no calories! Thanks for reading, Patrick!

  4. Swim Karim says:

    All generations and age groups struggle with failure, especially career failure, but 20Somethings appear to struggle with more than most. In my time as a 20Something career coach it is clear that A) Gen-Y fails but that B) Gen-Y is unsure how to overcome they have likely never experienced before. It’s a struggle that some of us need help in.

  5. gir1iegir1ie says:

    That’s so awesome, I haven’t seen the commercial on tv but I love their acceptance with not being perfect, our society is so focused on keeping our failures private and needing to be perfect.

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