Career Series No. 11- Nonprofit Development

Nonprofit Development
Morning guys! Hope everyone had a super awesome weekend! Really excited to share today’s Career Series post. Coral’s talking about her work in non-profit development, and that’s something I think is really great. So many good causes out there! I got my masters degree in Public Administration specifically because one day, I’d love to work at a non-profit. So naturally, today’s post really caught my attention.

Enjoy, and let me know what you guys think!

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The Best Way To Save Your Awesome Memories

If you’re a regular follower on the blog, then you know that I’m getting married in 5 months to this super awesome guy right here…

And we’ll also be moving into the brand new house we bought together, which should be ready the month before our wedding.

It’s a total understatement to say that we’re going crazy.

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Career Series No. 9 – Air Force Civil Engineer

Air Force Civil Engineer

Happy Monday everyone! I’m really excited to share this post today, because Amanda’s giving us some insight into her job in the Air Force.

Sometimes, when we think about being in the military, we only think about soldiers out there with guns, fighting. But there’s so much more to the millitary, and definitely so many options and opportunities available to us in terms of our careers.

So thanks, Amanda, for sharing your experiences, and THANKS SO MUCH for your service!

You rock.

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Feeling Stuck In Your Career As A Young Professional

Feeling Stuck In Your Career As A Young Professional

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching about my career, lately.

And as a result, I’ve been a crazy mess full of anxiety!

But before I get into that, let me just make sure everyone understands something…

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How To Minimize Debt In College So You Can Be Rich Faster

How To Minimize Debt In College So You Can Be Rich Faster

Last night, I participated in one of my favorite Twitter Chats, #Millennialtalk. 

And it got me thinking about debt, college students, and just how terrible it is that most students start their lives off in debt because of the insane costs of higher education.

Because I really do think it’s terrible.

Like, really really super terrible.

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Career Series No. 4- Camp Director


Hi everyone! Welcome to Week #4 of my new  Gen Y Girl Career Series. Today, my friend Donna is sharing some of her work experience with us… and I’m pretty jealous! Her job sounds like so much fun! Let us know what you think :)


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Career Series No. 2- Craft Beer

Career Series Craft Beer Industry

Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to Week #2 of my  Gen Y Girl Career Series. Today, my new friend Leah is telling us a little bit about her pretty kick-ass job. No lie, I’m pretty jealous!

So let’s get to it…

What did you want to be when you were growing up and why?

This is super silly, but when I was little I wanted to grow up to be an FBI agent. I read a lot of mystery novels as a kid/teen and I think that’s where that came from. In high school, I wanted to be a lawyer (and have four years of mock trial to show for it), and finally, in college, I realized marketing was where I really wanted to work!

What’s is your current job?

Currently, I’m the Marketing and Merchandise Specialist for Terrapin Beer Co. in Athens, GA.

It’s hard to describe exactly what I do, since Terrapin is a growing company, but currently I purchase the merchandise for the gift shop at the brewery and online, and also work in the marketing department on events and promotions wherever they need me.

How did you land that position? (What made you want to pursue that?)

I first found the position after my boyfriend was accepted to a PhD program at UGA and was looking to be close to him. I knew I was interested in marketing, but had never really thought about working in the beer industry. I enjoyed craft beer, so I figured it could be cool.

In terms of landing the job, honestly, I just applied. I know so many people stress the importance of networking in order to land your first job out of college, but I consider myself a case for the good old fashioned way!

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

No two days are the same haha, but fortunately, even though I work in the beer industry I usually work 9-5! I usually get to work by 9 (sometimes 9:30… Oops!) and work with my marketing director on upcoming events and campaigns in the morning, and spend my afternoon working with merchandise, whether it’s in the gift shop, or for our distributor partners. I also field requests from our sales team for promotional materials and merchandise for events and festivals.

What do you love most about it?

There’s a lot to love about working in the beer industry- including free beer! But really, I love my job because it’s full of challenges. Craft beer is a growing industry, so marketing is increasingly important for the success of the beer and the brand! I get to go into the market for events and hear about people loving Terrapin, and tell me how cool the t-shirts I order and design are!

What do you hate most about it?

The most frustrating part of my job is unfortunately something that I can’t change- the laws in Georgia around beer are pretty crappy for breweries. You can’t buy beer directly from a brewery and I can’t legally tell you where to buy our beer (as it shows “favoritism” to certain establishments). It doesn’t always affect my job specifically, but it can be really hard to feel like your whole company has its hands tied.

What’s the coolest thing that ever happened to you at work?

So I think so far, the coolest thing that has happened to me is that I’ve been given the chance to go to Bonnaroo – for work! I’ll be pouring craft beer at an awesome music festival with 5 of my co-workers. The beer industry revolves around a lot of events, and it’s pretty exciting that I get to help our sales team with so many of them!

What strengths do you think are necessary for someone to be successful at this job?

Creativity is a huge strength in this industry, as is flexibility! There are a LOT of small craft breweries that are making good beer, so marketing beer, and your breweries can be challenging. Plus your job could change at a moment’s notice- as companies grow, there’s a lot more that needs to happen!

What’s the best piece of advice you can give someone who’s looking to pursue this as a career?

Drink craft beer! there’s a ton of great marketing minds in the world, but not all of those marketing people like craft beer. If you’re knowledgable about beer, and marketing, interviewing for a position similar to mine at a brewery should be a piece of cake (or should I say, a pint of beer!)

Leah Kuck
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