5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

How to upgrade your morning routine to start off your mornings feeling more productive

Mornings are the worst. I am definitely NOT a morning person. But over the past couple of weeks I’ve made a few really simple tweaks to my morning routine and they’ve made a world of a difference. I’ve found that by just doing these five simple things, I’ve been able to start my day feeling productive and less stressed out, so here’s what I suggest.

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Adulting 101: Cleaning Hacks With Clorox Bleach

Thank you, Clorox, for sponsoring today’s post and sharing these cleaning hacks with us! As always, all opinions are my own.


Okay, let’s be honest here, who’s having a hard time with this whole adulting thing?!

I know I can’t be the only one.

Joe and I have officially been living in our new house for a whole year now, and no, this whole cleaning thing hasn’t gotten a lot easier.

I was used to having to clean a two bedroom apartment. That, I could deal with. But as much as I love our 4-bedroom house, dude- there’s something new to clean every second I turn around!

And this, my friends,  is where Clorox® Regular-Bleach comes in handy.

I used to think that bleach was only something you used when you stained a white shirt or something.

But turns out, there’s a ton of different things you can clean with bleach, and that makes my heart happy because I only need ONE product to get all this stuff done.

So here are a few different uses for bleach that you may not have heard of.

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3 Ways Having A Roommate is Different Post-College


Hope you guys enjoy today’s guest post from my friend Dayton! Let us know what you guys think!

As a kid, we all pictured that our twenty-something self would have it all figured out.  We’d be immersed in our kick-ass career, driving the latest model car, and taking frequent vacations to faraway places.  Oh, and we’d have a housekeeper, since there was no way I was going to be doing chores in my twenties.  I mean, my personal dream also included a pet tiger, but that wasn’t any less likely than my other aspirations.

The reality of a twentysomething is a lot different.  Many of us aren’t working in our dream careers- in fact, most of us are just happy to have a job to pay the rent.  Especially now, new graduates need to play it smart to have a chance. All the same, we’ve been forced to lower our expectations.  Even working iffy jobs, driving the same clunker we drove all through college, and somehow managing without a housekeeper, we still don’t have enough to live by ourselves.  Instead, we’re linking up with one or more other poor Millennials to live somewhere only slightly larger than our college dorm room.  At least the kitchen is a separate room.  But living with a roommate now is a lot different than it was in college.

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Career Talk Tuesday: Arrive On Time To Meetings & Pay Attention


The following is an excerpt from my new book, Corporate Survival Guide For Your Twenties.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite pieces of advice from my book, so make sure to check out the previous weeks if you haven’t already!

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7 Ways To Balance It All This Semester


Hi guys! Okay so I’m OBSESSED with this post from my friend Madeline, because balance…yea, that’s not something I’m the best at! And although I’m not in college anymore, the tips that she’s sharing here are still relatable to post-grad life! So take out a pen and take some notes! Let us know what you think!


We all want to be able to do everything all at once, but in reality a 24-hour day only allows us to accomplish so much! The first step to time management is recognizing your limits. In a University setting, it is fairly straightforward to know the limit of classes to take. Your school should have a standard amount of credits that students take on average…follow that! Don’t always try to be a superstar and take that extra class, because, coming from experience, that extra bit could really put a working student over the edge!

If you are involved with clubs on campus, or outside of school, be frank with your club members about your time constraints. By letting them know early on, you can ensure that you don’t overcommit yourself to the organization.

When it comes to your internship, or job, I stick with the same philosophy: be upfront with your employer about how many hours per week you can contribute without overextending yourself.

Lastly, social life! In order to keep balanced this semester I recommend you prioritize where social life fits into your schedule. Make time for your family and friends, but remember what you deem most important out of all your responsibilities and make sure you are devoting enough time to that!

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How to Win at Salary Negotiations

salary negotiations

Hope you guys enjoy today’s guest post from my friend Katie! Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

For years I had a hard time figuring out how much I should be paid—and then asking for it. Yes, I struggled with confidence issues and imposter syndrome, but I mainly just didn’t know how to calculate what I was worth, and then make my case.

In theory, compensation is based on “objective” factors like seniority, years of experience, and the responsibilities of the job at hand—but who’s to say how much any of those things are actually worth?

Nobody’s going to go out of their way to give you money. At the end of the day it’s up to you to make yourself attractive to an employer. Easier said than done, though, right?

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3 Things You Must Do If You’re Clueless About Finances


Hope you guys enjoy today’s guest post  from my friend Mila! Let us know what you think!

I hate money. I really do. Don’t get me wrong, I love SPENDING money, and if I do say so myself I’m still pretty good at saving (despite the spending). I just hate DEALING with it. I know nothing about money and most things related to it. I mean, I still get help from my mom to do my taxes! I always feel like I’m not mentally prepared to handle money issues on my own. How do I invest? What’s the difference between a 1040, a 1040A, and a 1040ez? What is compound interest, and why do I get so little interest in my savings account, but pay a bunch of interest on my school loans?! Why weren’t we taught this stuff in school?!

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