7 Ways To Have A Stress-Free Workday

7 Ways To Have A Stress-Free Workday

It’s 6pm on Sunday and the anxiety’s starting to kick in.

You know, the “I have to work tomorrow” anxiety.

Isn’t it the freaking worst?

I mean, I’ve had an awesome weekend, but now the thought of having to go back to the office in the morning’s totally bumming me out.

So this week I’m gunna work on making my workdays stress-free.

LOL okay, fine. Maybe not 100% stress-free, but at least as stress-free as possible.

Here’s how you do it, in case you’d like to join me.

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Living A Bold Life As A Blogger + A Free Printable

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Living A Bold Life

Hands down, this has been the boldest year of my life. I got married, moved into a new house, and in June, my first book will be available!

That’s right! This little millennial blogger over here was bold enough to go after her dream of writing a book, and in a couple months, I get to see it come to life.

I couldn’t be happier about it.

So today, I’m giving you a behind the scenes look into my bold life as a blogger (and now author).

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Overcoming Stress and Anxiety In Your Twenties

Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

Hey guys! Enjoy today’s guest post from Mila! xoxox, Kayla

 I think often we let life get in the way of taking care of ourselves. With school, school debt, work, or lack of work, we have so many stressors in our lives. You can read just about anywhere that our generation might be the most and anxious and stressed out generation yet, and if I look at just my own experience, I would say that’s pretty accurate.

I’ve always struggled with anxiety and depression, and as an “adult,” I have been in a pretty constant state of stress. When I was in college, I regularly stressed myself out to the point of illness; one year in particular, I managed to get 10 long lasting colds in a single year. When I worked abroad in Japan in 2015, I managed to stress myself to the point that I was losing hair. That was not cool, and was extremely scary (which, needless to say, didn’t help my stress at all).

I wish I could say that this is just me and that I’m just a crazy person, but looking at others in this generation that is not the case. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t read someone’s status update as something along the lines of “sick again, gonna go die in bed now,” or “just having a mental breakdown, don’t mind me.”

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Freebie: First 10 Pages of My New Book Corporate Survival Guide For Your Twenties

corporate survival guide for your twenties

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday!

Hope you’re all off to an awesome start this week!

So today, I’m super excited to update you guys on my new book, Corporate Survival Guide For Your Twenties!

Guys, it’s a legit book, and I finally got my copy in my hands a couple weeks ago and all I wanted to do was cry.

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Following Your Passion While Having A Day Job

Following Your Passion While Having A Day Job

Last week, the Chicago Tribune published an article called Millennials: Tips on How To Pursue Your Passion, and I was fortunate enough to have been able to contribute some of my ideas (oh, and my friend Paul from All Groan Up was also featured, yayyyy Paul!).

The author of that article, the extremely talented Andreaa Ciulac, reached out to me a couple weeks earlier, and I answered several questions over e-mail.

Since I had so much to say about this topic, I feel like it might be helpful to share with you guys my answers to all of Andreaa’s questions.

Because at the end of the day, I think most of us millennials are constantly facing that internal battle: follow your passions, or sell out and work at a crappy job for money.

But I think if we  change how we look at things a little bit, we’ll be a whole lot happier.

Here’s the interview:

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What to Look for When Relocating for a Job


Hi guys! Enjoy this guest post from Holly! xoxoxox, Kayla

Job-hunting isn’t all about the job. If you’re looking into relocating for an awesome work opportunity, you also have to take the area into consideration.

If you’re a music lover, you’re going to want a good local music scene and places for you to go see shows. If you’re an adventurer, you’re going to want to know how close you are to mountains and hiking trails. Take everything into consideration when you’re relocating!

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On Slowing Down And Living The Simple Life

On Slowing Down And Enjoying The Simple Life

I think we work too hard.

I think we stress too much.

I think we’re headed in the wrong direction.

We’re not enjoying life like we should.

No, we’re not.

When you’re stuck at your office for 50+ hours a week, how can you?

I think our priorities are all screwed up.

Our culture’s at fault for that, but we continue to perpetuate these screwed up priorities, and no one’s putting an end to it.

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