10 Things That Make America Awesome


So today’s kind of our country’s birthday. And even though we usually associate Fourth of July with beaches, and picnics, and fireworks, and a day off of work, it’s a whole lot more than that.

So in honor of this bad-ass country that we live in, I thought it’d be fun to make a list of 10 things that make America awesome.

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Friday Roundup: 7/3/15

Friday Roundup

Hi guys! Happy Friday! Sorry I’m a bit late to post today, I’ve been super lazy on my day off. Just finished watching Frozen for the first time. Yep, definitely a little late on that too. But I loved it, so now I can join the rest of the world in that. Anyway, here are my favorite posts from this week! Hope you like!

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Guest Post: How Millennials Are Changing The Workforce (For The Better)


Our generation’s been called a lot of things: whiny, self-absorbed, and the group that Gen X’ers and Baby Boomer just can’t seem to “get”. This is extremely interesting to me, because Generation Y, the Millennials, are not that much different from Baby Boomers in their idealism.

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Career Series No. 11- Nonprofit Development

Nonprofit Development
Morning guys! Hope everyone had a super awesome weekend! Really excited to share today’s Career Series post. Coral’s talking about her work in non-profit development, and that’s something I think is really great. So many good causes out there! I got my masters degree in Public Administration specifically because one day, I’d love to work at a non-profit. So naturally, today’s post really caught my attention.

Enjoy, and let me know what you guys think!

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Pretty Flamingo Things for the Flamingo Obsessed

Pretty Flamingo Things For The Flamingo Obsessed

1. Bathing Suit by Sperry Top Sider; 2. Necklace by Be Mint Boutique; 3. Sunny Life Flamingo Candles; 4. Carter’s Baby Girls’ 4 Piece Pajamas; 5. Flamingo iPhone 6 Case; 6. Mud Pie Baby Girls’ Flamingo Romper 7. Kate Spade Cedar Stree-Maise Satchell; 8. Cotton Romper by BP; 9. Kate Spade Iggy Sandal 10. Pelemele Flamingo Cupcake Toppers 11. Urban Outfitters Socks                           12. SunnyLife Flamingo Pool Float

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Friday Roundup: 6/26/15

Friday Roundup June 26

Whoop whoop! Another week down in the books! Hope you guys have some awesome plans this weekend…even if those awesome plans consist of your butt not leaving your couch! Here are some reads you might wanna check out! Feel free to post any others (yes, even your own) in the comments! Always looking for new blogs to add to my reading list! xoxox, – K

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My Routine For A Stress-Free Morning Before Work


Let’s be real here…some mornings are an absolute disaster.

Some mornings consist of me hitting snooze 15 times…waking up SUPER late, and having to run out the door while putting my pants on.

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