Career Series No. 1- Accountant

Career Series No 1 Accountant Ally Fiesta

Hi guys! I’m so excited to publish the very first post in my new Gen Y Girl Career Series. Each post in this series will highlight a particular career field in an effort to gain some insight into what that job entails. Hopefully the series will help expose people to new job fields they never knew existed, and who knows…maybe someone who’s dead-set on one particular job will be like, ehhh…no thanks, not for me…after reading a firsthand account of that career.

So welcome to my first guest, Ally Fiesta.

What did you want to be when you were growing up and why?    

I always wanted to work in an office after watching a movie called Working Girl. I wanted to wear a suit, have a corner office, have a career, and have my own income.

What’s your current job?                    

Staff accountant. I started off as a receptionist, then did accounts payable, then payroll, then became an office manager for a small company, then a financial consultant then a general ledger bookkeeper THEN a staff accountant.

How did you land that position?                              

My parents owned an environmental company so I started off at their company helping the company’s Comptroller, and assisting all CPAs with audits.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Accounting has a monthly cycle, as a staff accountant. At the beginning of the month, I reconcile bank accounts. Then I review all expenses to make sure all monthly bills are paid per the pre-approved budget. Then I create financial statements. The rest of the time, I have different roles depending on what industry I’m in, like sales tax or vendor statement reconciliation- basically, any activity I can assist with to ensure that money isn’t being wasted.

What do you love most about it?              

I love the schedule. I know when I can go on vacation and I know when to expect paperwork. I like knowing my deadlines and being able to pinpoint accounting errors.

What do you hate most about it? 

I can only go so far in this career field without a college degree. I need to get more college hours to get my Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, so that I can make money (even though I already know the process). This license is the key to owning your own accounting business.

What’s the coolest thing that ever happened to you at work?

I worked for an entertainment company and it was awesome because we would have monthly patio parties, and we would host contests. I won a MacBook Air once! The type of company I worked for really helped make my actual work pleasant. This entertainment company had a fun attitude, and because of that, it was hard for me to leave them. But I did want a promotion, and their policy required a 4-year degree for me to move up, so I left after 5 years.

What strengths do you think are necessary for someone to be successful at this job? 

You definitely have to be detailed oriented, have strong math skills, and have a great memory (to memorize tons of accounting laws). You also have to know how to build rapport with others. I work with clients who are trusting me with their financial information, so building rapport with them is important. You also have to be skilled in Excel spreadsheets.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give someone who’s looking to pursue this as a career? 

Do internships! Every summer I would spend at least a whole month working for a CPA, and this helped me learn the vocabulary and the Excel skills that I needed. I took Excel in both high school and college, but NONE of those classes covered what accountants really do with those spreadsheets. Being an intern really gave me the edge that I needed. Even though I didn’t have a 4-year degree, companies really wanted me because of the experience I had.

Ally’s now transitioning into a full-time blogger. To hear her story, keep reading…

My decision to transition into a full-time blogger was made after 10 years of blogging. I’ve owned for 11 years. I started off interviewing musicians (mostly DJs), but now the site’s evolved into a lifestyle blog where I promote music, dance, and beauty- the really beautiful things in life.

I never thought I could make any money from this. Definitely not the amount of money I could make as an accountant. However, I’m currently a Director of Community for I also work helping other crews in Dallas with their social media accounts focusing on engagement and event ticket sales. I’ve also done street promotions for multiple crews since 2002. As a Director of Community, I’m the first person that contacts anyone interested in events, and I answer all questions via the site’s social media accounts. I also curate images, music links, and any contests that we may be hosting. I also reach out to artists to set up interviews/any other types of promotional opportunities for upcoming events.

In addition to all of that, I’m also a photographer. In the beginning, I had a hard time deciding how to charge for my services, and it also took me a while to understand how social media works. Over the past 5 years, I’ve read multiple books about social media marketing. I’ve taken courses online,  listened to podcasts (huge shout out to SmartPassive Income and AskPat), and I’m currently taking a course called Become a Freelance Social Media Manager from

Promoting events has been my part-time hobby since 1999. I love music, but I was alway too scared to lose my income. Now that I understand the world of blogging a bit better, and have made some key connections in the industry, I now have the ability to make the move. I love that I won’t have to be tied to a single location and that I won’t have to clock in and out of an office every day :)

I hope to read about other people’s jobs in the upcoming weeks. I’ll be traveling in South America for two months this summer to document some of their best travel spots, so it’ll be nice to read about what others are doing!

Ally Fiesta

Connect with Ally on any of her social media accounts:

Thanks for checking out Week #1 of my new Career Series. If any of you would like to participate, fill out the contact form HERE and let me know why you’d like to be a part of this adventure!

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Happy Friday!! Feel free to share any other posts you’ve found interesting this week! And yes- feel free to share your OWN posts from this week as well! :)

P.S. Stuff I’m Crushing On Real Hard Right Now:

This beautiful little elegant thing of a watch. 

Star Wars Death Star IceSphere Mold- because Joe made me watch the new Star Wars trailer 13 times yesterday. 

I’m a complete sucker for these beauty gift sets, and this one is so pretty. 

This recipe tin for all the things I don’t know how to make. I won’t even tell you about how I burned brown rice this week. 

LOL because if I ever saw a guy wearing this, I would just die laughing. 


What The F Do You Want To Do For A Living? – Career Series Sign Up

Career Series Sign Up What the F Do You Want to Do For a Living

A couple weeks ago, I officially became an old person.

I went back to my old high school for career day.

I can’t believe I looked like that when I was in high school, btw. I used to think I was like so old and mature. Have the kids these days like gotten smaller, or what’s the deal? Some of them looked 11.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to speak at career day for a while now, but something’s always come up. So this year I was extremely excited to be there.

I had the opportunity to speak to three classes of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

Three classes minus the 6 or 7 students who fell asleep during my presentation. Thanks, guys.

It was really an opportunity for me to tell them a bit about what I do, and to then talk about how I got there.

I also wanted to talk about college life. So I talked about college and I told them the typical…don’t do drugs, don’t drink. Ok let’s face it….you WILL drink. You WILL try things. But you will do it at your HOUSE…you will NOT get in a car…or I will FIND you… and I will SLAP you….the end.

I’m pretty convincing.

So then I talked to them about Supply Chain!

I talked to them about my job as a Contract Administrator!

To start off, I asked them if any of them even knew what Supply Chain is.

Not a single soul had a clue.

I went ahead and explained to them about my daily job functions. I explained to them some of the skills that you need to do the job really well. I explained to them a bit about the education and experience you need to land a job in that arena.

And THEN at the very end I asked them… I said, “Okay, so how many of you think my job is interesting?!”

And not one hand went up in the air.

So okay…they may not LIKE the idea of a career in Supply Chain, but at least they know what it is now. At least they’ve been exposed to a new career option, and they’ve narrowed down their list of future job prospects.

This got me thinking a bit. I realized that most students these days are clueless about most professions. It seems that they think their only options are:

  •  teacher
  • doctor
  • police officer
  • lawyer

All of these are great professions, but there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS OUT THERE!

So I’ve decided to launch a new Gen Y Girl Career Series on the blog. My goal is to feature individuals on a weekly basis so that they can share their careers with us. What is it that they exactly do? Do they like it?  Do they hate it? What makes their job so cool?

Because let’s face it. Most of us growing up had ZERO idea about life and what we wanted to do for a living.

LOL most of us STILL have zero idea about life and what we want to do for a living.

So I think that this series might be somewhat educational.

Like, who knew you could be a beekeeper? Like, there’s actually an ASSOCIATION for beekeepers.

I look forward to sharing some very interesting career options with all of you, and if any of you would like to participate, please  fill out the contact form HERE and let me know why you’d like to be a part of this adventure!

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Happy Friday!! Feel free to share any other posts you’ve found interesting this week! And yes- feel free to share your OWN posts from this week as well! :)

P.S. Stuff I’m Crushing On Real Hard Right Now:

This necklace in turquoise, because I’m having a major thing for turquoise. 

The fuchsia, though.  

R2-D2 turns into a bunch of measuring cups. 

Ugh, its just that these sunglasses are so beautiful. 

Because my cat decided to eat my phone charger. 

I’m A Giant Mess (And That’s OK)

I'm a giant mess and that's ok


My apartment is a disaster.

Yep, this is the post where I tell you just how much of a giant mess I am.

Sometimes I really beat myself up about it. Like this morning, for example.

I was getting ready to leave for work and I was horrified by the state of my bedroom.

I started to get that drowning feeling that I feel when everything is super cluttered and out of place and I have 5 pairs of shoes next to my bed and I can’t see the floor.

So I turned to Joe, my fiancé, and I told him that our project this weekend is to clean up our room.

He looked at me and he said, “Sure, babe,” but then he laughed a little.

So of course I was like HELLO WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!?!

And he told me that it was an honorable attempt, but the reality is that we probably won’t get to it- we have a lot going on this weekend.

So I got a little down about it, because I WANT to clean my house. I WANT to get myself organized. But most importantly, I want to have the ENERGY to do those things.

Every day I seem to get home from work more tired than the day before. And when I get home, dude…my couch…it just calls for me. All I want to do is sit on my couch and watch TV /get on my laptop and work on my blog. Is that so terrible?

So getting back to my point… I sometimes beat myself up about this. About the fact that I have zero energy and my apartment is a mess.

But then I started to think about it a little more and I decided that NO…I’m not going to get myself down about it. I do A LOT. I have A LOT going on. Our lives these days are totally non-stop, so it’s only natural that I’m freaking tired all the time.

During the week, this is my life:

I wake up at 6am. I feed my cat so that he stops meowing at my door. I attempt to wake up Joe. I shower. Blow-dry my hair. Put on some makeup so I don’t scare people. Attempt to wake up Joe. Make my breakfast. Pack my lunch. Grab my gym clothes Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can work out at work during lunch. Again, attempt to wake up Joe to say goodbye. Then I grab my keys and run out the door.

Most days I have about a 1-hour drive to work. If there’s an accident, it’s worse. I listen to the radio, deal with people who have serious cases of road-rage, and eventually make it to work.

When I get to my desk, I turn on my computer and my computer’s like, “Hey, ready for an awesome day? Here’s 500 million e-mails! Enjoy!” -_-

I work until about 4:30pm because by that time I’ve dealt with enough phone calls and e-mails and my brain can’t process anything else. I also usually have a tension headache by that time from staring at the computer all day.

I get in my car, run any errands I have to run, and I then have another 1-hour drive home. I have to mentally prepare myself for Miami traffic so I don’t go crazy. When I get home, I have to feed my cat. When I feel up to it, about twice a week, I throw on some workout clothes and head over to CrossFit with Joe. We workout until we can’t breathe, and then we head home.

By this time, I can’t move, really, but somehow I make it up the stairs to our apartment. It takes me about 15 minutes to get my clothes off…but then we shower, change into comfy clothes, and head out to the family room and plop on the couch. By this time, it’s usually about 8 or 9pm.

We then have to decide if we’re going to eat or starve. Since I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately, I try to actually make food instead of just having cereal. Luckily, Joe is a way better cook than I am, so he helps me out so much with dinner. We make some food and sometimes we even try to throw a little laundry in the wash so that we don’t save it all for the weekend. By the time we’re actually done with our food, it’s usually about 9:30-10ish and then I have to keep myself awake so that Joe and I can spend some time together catching up on our shows. If we watch 1 hour of TV together, that’s a good day.

And then we go to bed around 11-12 and we do the same thing the next day.

So yes, I have 5 pairs of shoes lying on the floor by my bed.

My room looks like a tornado hit it.

I’ll get to it this weekend, I hope.

But if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world.

I’ll get to it eventually.

I do a lot of other things during the week and that’s the reality… there’s never enough time for everything that we want/need to do.

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Friday Roundup 4/3/2015

Friday Roundup April 3, 2015


So I’ve decided to start doing something that I’ve never done before.

Every Friday, unless I’m deathly ill, I’ll be posting a roundup of some of my favorite blog posts that I’ve discovered throughout the week.

I think it’s a great way to share a lot of the awesome content that’s floating around in the blogosphere, and it’s a great way to introduce you to some really great writers.

So if you don’t like these kind of round up posts, don’t check in of Fridays.

K, thanks, bye!

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3. No Experience? No Problem. How 4 Pros Landed Their Dream Gigs: Levo League

4. 5 Things I’d Tell My 20 Something Self 10 Years Later: Thin Difference

5. 5 Blog Business Tips I Learnt The Hard Way: Suger Coat It

Have a great weekend everyone! And please, feel free to share any other awesome blog posts in the comments below!

P.S. Stuff I’m Crushing On Real Hard Right Now:

So that I can just pretend that I’m going on vacation. 

Since these are super cute and I can still walk in them. Gotta love wedges. 

A book about eating my way to a stress-free life? Take my money! 

Just because this brand’s called Spiritual Gangster and I like that. 

My fiancé’s the only guy I’ve ever met who shines his shoes. But God is it sexy. 

4 Signs You’re Not Leadership Material

4 Signs You're Not Leadership Material

I don’t know who came up with this extremely popular notion of promoting employees into leadership positions based on tenure, but to whoever’s responsible..stupid idea, bro.

The truth of the matter is this…


And that’s okay!

Just because you’re a genius in your field…

Just because you’ve been at your job for twenty-some odd years…

It doesn’t mean you have to have direct reports. 

It takes really particular skills to be a manager.

Heck- it takes a whole lot of patience too.

And for that reason, throughout my career I’ve been absolutely dumfounded when I’ve seen some not-so-leadership-material employees placed in managerial positions.

Let me say it again.


And like I said…that’s okay.

You can still be a genius.

You can still be kick-ass at your job.

But if you’re not leadership material, please, for God’s sake…don’t make other people suffer. 

Now some of you may be wondering whether or not you’re leadership material.

(But really…those of you who aren’t…you probably already know that.)

Just in case though…to clarify this for everyone…here are 4 Signs that You’re Not Leadership Material.

1. You Have Zero Social Skills/You Hate People

People say hi to you and you stare at them, but you don’t say hi back. You don’t hold doors open for people 5 centimeters behind you. You know…basic courtesy kind of stuff.

If you’re the kind of person who avoids social situations at all costs and really doesn’t want to be troubled with interpersonal relationships, then that’s fine…but you have no business managing others. This is pretty self-explanitory.

2. You Don’t Like It When People Ask You Questions

Questions annoy you. When people ask you dumb questions that you think they ought to know the answers to, you think they’re stupid…you think that they are mentally challenged. Every time that someone asks you a question, you feel that they’re taking time away from you doing your own work. Open door policy? Forget that! Locked door policy is what you’d implement…peace and quiet is what you need.

Good managers want their employees to feel comfortable coming to them whenever they have questions. And the reality is, good employees do ask a lot of questions. Managers need to accept that part of their job is helping out their direct reports, and they shouldn’t make them feel bad about seeking that support.

3. You Couldn’t Care Less if Your Team is Motivated/Inspired

You’re sure as hell no cheerleader. You don’t think it’s your job to motivate those around you. You’re here to get a job done and everyone should be on the same page as you.

FALSE. Managers need to be cheerleaders. If it’s not written in the job description, someone’s lying to you. If you want your team to work well and to perform to the best of its ability, you’ll need to take out those metaphorical pom-poms at times and inspire your people. Because let’s face it, there are times at any job when morale is low. And when morale is low, not a whole lot of work gets done. Teams that get out of that slump are the teams who have great leaders, and believe me, they’re super grateful for that. Look into it…they call it transformational leadership. 

4. You Want to Punch Positive People in the Face

You hate it when people smile. You hate it when you come to work Monday morning and people are actually happy. What the heck is wrong with them? They ought to be a bit less peppy.

If you’re a negative Nancy, you have no business managing others. You need to be a positive influence, and people need to actually enjoy being around you. Do you have to do backflips everyday and sing songs? No. But you should strive to be a positive role model for others and part of that means helping others see the bright side of things regardless of how bad any work situation is.

***Now it’s your turn…what else makes someone not leadership material?

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Happy (Late) International Women’s Day To Our Stay At Home Moms

Happy International Women's Day to our Stay At Home Moms

In honor of National Women’s Day, I was planning on finding a super-empowering TedTalk from some super fabulous woman CEO sharing her story about how she became so awesome.

And I’ll maybe probably still do that, but today, I’m gunna do something a little different.

When you think about International Women’s Day, you think about that female CEO who’s broken through the glass ceiling and now making loads of money.

And to those women… you’re doing awesome. Hopefully I’ll get there someday… if that’s what I want.

But what you don’t think much about are the women who aren’t in an office…

The women who instead of being dressed in kick ass power suits, are likely covered in baby throw up right now.


Stay at home mommas.

They’re often forgotten about when we’re talking about the empowerment of women.

And really, they shouldn’t be.

Because their jobs are just as hard- if not harder.

I was with a baby this weekend. I held it and it threw up on me. And it smelled bad. And I returned the baby to her owner. To her mom. And her parents talked to me about all the gross disgusting things their baby does and how they have to change diapers 54 times a day and wash the baby with a hose because her poop travels out of her diaper.


So today, instead of talking about the female executives that I admire, I’m going to do this…


Because you stayed home with me my whole life and you dealt with my tantrums and you cleaned my butt and you fed me nasty food that I’m sure I threw up several times.

Thank you because you took me to every single one of my gymnastics and cheerleading and dance practices.

Thank you because you were on every single field trip and I know that most of them must have been super boring but you went anyway because I asked you to.

Thank you because you didn’t send me to summer camp. Because there was nothing that I wanted more than to just stay home with you and my sister every summer. I didn’t want to have to go be social with weird kids that I didn’t know. Even though you threatened us that one year and physically took us there and we sat in the car in the parking lot and we cried, thanks for feeling sorry enough for us that you just turned around and went back home.

You’re kind of awesome.

So for all the mommas out there who think they need a corner office and a power suit to be appreciated, I promise you, you don’t.

You stay at home mommas do so much more than you know.

And I think it’s time that you’re recognized just as much as a CEO.

Because hell, you run a family.

And God knows that’s not easy.

Stay at home mom

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Yea, This #AskHerMore Campaign is Pretty Freaking Awesome

Ask Her More Campaign

Last night I learned about the #Askhermore campaign, and as a young professional woman, I have to say that I couldn’t be happier about it. It freaking rocks.

So for those of you who are sitting there like, “what the heck is this #askhermore thing”… open up a new tab on your computer, google #askhermore, and then come back and finish reading this.

Okay, so why is this important? I think it’s pretty obvious. The #askhermore campaign is a movement that’s meant to raise awareness and to cause reporters to ask not-so-fashion-related questions on the RedCarpet. Instead of just commenting on the jewlery that’s being worn and the designer gowns, this social media campaign is asking that we place more emphasis on the amazing work that these actresses are doing.

Now sure, I’m the first one to say that I love fashion. I like pretty things. But do I think that the talent these women possess should have to be overshadowed by society’s interest in their ability to pick out a pretty outfit?

Not so much.

Us women are so much more than our outfit-coordinating skills. We’re smart. We’re powerful. We have tons to offer. And it’s a shame really that when we enter the workforce, we’re often looked at…up and down, the general perception being that a negative correlation exists between our intelligence and the height of our heels.

If we dress well, we can’t possibly be smart. If we’re fashionable, we’re obviously just trying to impress the men.

That’s really typically the general perception, and I’m telling you…it’s bullshit.

I’ve dealt with it before. I’m quite confident I’ll deal with it all my life. But I can promise you that I’ll fight it every step of the way.

Like the story I’ve told before about my college professor. Why is it that if I have nice legs I can’t be taken seriously?

So let’s start treating women like the well-rounded individuals that they are. Let’s ask women about the things that inspire them. Let’s ask them about their goals, their passions, their careers. Let’s ask them about the struggles they’ve overcome. Heck- ask them about the things that excite them. But don’t just ask them about their outfits. Let’s be a little more creative.

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5 Reasons Why This Twenty-Something LOVES Her New Job

5 Reasons Why This Twentysomething Loves Her New Job
I’ve been at my new job for 8 months now, and really… I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy-fast time has gone by. One minute I’m interviewing and BAM!!! Here I am almost a year into it. Taking this new job was a huge leap for me. For starters, I knew nothing about the industry. While most people being interviewed had years of experience doing the job at other companies… I. Had. Zero. But man was I willing to learn! People warned me. People told me the job would be terrible. People asked me if it was really something that I wanted to do. And although I didn’t know much, I knew that it was an exciting opportunity and that I needed a new challenge. 8 months later, I thank God every day that I made that jump. So to help explain exactly why I’m so happy, here are 5 reasons why THIS 20-something LOVES her new job…

  1. I’m Surrounded By People Who Are Willing to Teach Me

Like I said, I was a newbie. I accepted a job as a Contract Administrator in a large Supply Chain department and I didn’t even know what a backorder was. This could have been a total failure. But it wasn’t. And you know why? Because the people around me are really freaking awesome. Because from the minute I stepped foot in this department, my co-workers took me under their wings and they taught me everything they know. Because they were secure enough in their own abilities and talents that they didn’t feel threatened by the thought of sharing what they’ve learned over the years. And I’m eternally grateful for that.

  1. We’re Treated Like Adults

Imagine a workplace where you can go to the bathroom without your boss staring at his computer counting the number of minutes that you’re away from your desk. Imagine a workplace where you can go to work and if you need to leave to a doctor’s appointment or to pick up your sick kid, you can do that and no one gives you a hard time about it. We can do that here. After a really hectic morning we can go have a nice lunch off campus, come back to work, and we’re not looked down upon for taking a break. It’s kind of awesome. We’re treated like adults. And you might be thinking well yea, we should be treated like adults since that’s what we ARE, but you’d be surprised how absolutely rare this kind of work environment is. We’re treated like professionals and even though we may not be at our desks glued to our chairs every moment of every day, everyone knows that we’ll get the job done. We always do.

  1. Our Work/Play Balance is all Sorts of Fantastic

You can go to work, work super hard, and have fun doing it. It’s true, I promise! And although I’ve questioned this notion in the past, I swear on my life I’ve never had so much fun at work. And you might think okay… she’s a contract administrator…sounds kinda super lame and boring. But dude, we laugh and we joke and we have so much fun. And the best part about it is that even though we laugh and we have a good time, we’re still taken seriously because we produce excellent work. I don’t think you have to be miserable and serious all the time to be considered a professional. I think that you can work and play and play while you work. Because really, if you don’t, it’s so easy to go crazy.

  1. My Bosses Are Approachable, Nice Human Beings

It’s not something that I take for granted. My bosses are really one of a kind. They’re legit humans. Like… super- down- to -earth –real- people- who- have- feelings- and- know- that- I –have- feelings –and- so- they’re- nice- and- not- mean-and- they- don’t- scream- at- me- and- belittle- me- and- make- me- feel- like- I’m- stupid. In a nutshell. Do they do their jobs? Yes! Really well, in fact. Do they tell me when I’ve made a mistake and help me fix it? Yep. Do they provide guidance? All the time. But do they have huge egos? No. Do they walk around thinking they’re better than anyone? No. Do they scream and yell and embarrass their employees? Never. And that’s why I love working for them. They have an open door policy and we can talk to them about anything whenever we need to and we’re not scared of them, because they’re super cool. I mean, on what planet should we have to be scared of our bosses? How does that make us perform better? If you figure that out, let me know. But in the meantime, I’ll stick to working for bosses who really know how to lead.

  1. They Took A Chance on Me

I’m like 500% positive that there are people who would have never hired me for this position. There are managers who would have taken one look at my resume and would have thrown it in the trash simply because I didn’t have experience in this field. But my leadership took a chance on me. They decided that I had potential and that I could be taught, and so they were willing to invest in me. They were willing to give me a shot and by giving me that shot, I feel the need to prove to them every day that they made the right decision. I respect them so much for that, and I feel so lucky every day to be a part of this kick-ass team.

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