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Entrepreneur Series

They say we have no patience. Us millennials, that is.

They say we enter the Corporate environment and we leave because we think we ought to be CEOs the first day we start.

Yea, I think there’s some truth to our impatience.

I think we do want things a bit quicker than previous generations.

But I don’t necessarily think that’s always a bad thing.

What, that we don’t want to sit around waiting all day for success to come to us?

That instead, we want to take matters into our own hands and work for that success ourselves?

We’re hustlers, this generation.

We make things happen.

And that’s why a lot of times, we don’t have the patience for the Corporate world.

It’s really not for everyone.

There are pros, of course, to working for a big corporation.

There’s stability and great benefits sometimes, and for the most part, you really don’t have to worry about the size of your paycheck changing from week to week.

But there’s cons to that too. With big corporations, there’s tons of red tape, wasted energy on procedures that sometimes are just for show, and not a whole lot of room for creativity.

At the end of the day, when you work for a big company, you do exactly that- you work for someone else.

More often than not, you don’t have a whole of say in what happens, and your energy goes to making someone else successful.

The literature out there suggests that millennials are not about that life.

And technology has allowed us very much to say goodbye to the corporate world.

They call us the True Entrepreneur Generation.

Why? Because that’s exactly what we’re after.

We’re after success, but on our own terms.

We’re after financial freedom.

We’re after seeing a direct relationship between how hard we work , the hours we put in, and the sizes of our paychecks.

And if anyone can do that, it’s millennials.

Now, there’s also literature out there stating that despite our entrepreneurial mindsets, there aren’t a whole lot of start-up companies out there.

And why is that? Once you hear the answer, it’ll seem like a no-brainer.

Student loan debt.

So many millennials would love the opportunity to start their own businesses, but they don’t have the cash to do it.

It’s a shame, really.

But regardless, we’re still seeing a trend in the business world.

We’re seeing more and more young people focusing on their crafts, opening up Etsy stores and websites, selling their own products and services.

People with talents are looking for ways to monetize them, and all they really need usually, is a computer.

The Internet has allowed for the sale of anything and everything.

And that’s been working in the favor of Millennials who are ultra-computer savvy, and totally own the social-media space.

It’s all about marketing these days.

If you have a product, service, or even idea that you’d like to sell, all you need to do is know how to market it.

And that’s what we’re doing.

So the point of my ramble on Entrepreneurship is this- I’d like to start a series collaborating with entrepreneurs out there!

If you have a business, an Etsy shop, a website, contact me HERE! I’d love to feature your story on the blog, and provide some really cool, valuable information for the readers of this blog.

I want to know what you do, how you got to that point, what your biggest struggles are, and tons tons more!

Plus, I love nothing more than supporting small businesses, so if I can help you guys gain a little bit of exposure, I’ll feel like I’ve done my job for the day!

Looking forward to hearing your stories, and for anyone out there who’s been flirting with the idea of staring their own business, I hope this will inspire you to take the next step!

You’ll be surprised by what you can do if you want it badly enough.

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17 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Series Sign-Up

  1. Victoria S Eaves says:

    I don’t have a business or such that fits the profile, but I look forward to hearing the stories you will share. I always find these kinds of posts very inspirational. BTW your book recommendations on blogging are spot on. I read most of them, and loved every single one

  2. Lauren English says:

    This is awesome! I’m sure there are so many millennials in the exact position you describe who would love to learn from each other and all these resources. Even though I teach middle school as my “real” job that pays the bills, I’ve been amazed by all that I’m learning about business and marketing through blogging. This kind of series would be super helpful!

  3. Megan Gonzalez says:

    I relate to this so much! I tried out the corporate world for all of five months before deciding it was not for me. Now I put on about five different hats, but it gives me the flexibility I want and a much happier, healthier environment to work in.

  4. Astrid says:

    I don’t have a business…yet though I dream of growing my blog to become my business and perhaps own a production company down the line. But I love what you had to say and look forward to the series. And also thanks for making my TBR list even longer 🙂

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