13 Things That Happen When You Date A Blogger

13 Tips For Dating A Blogger

  1. Most of us have a routine first thing in the morning. Check blog stats, check Pinterest, check Twitter, check our Facebook pages… okay, now we’re ready to start the day.
  2. We’re GOING to take a million pictures. Sometimes, yes, of delicious food. Whining about it isn’t going to make us take any less. You’re just gunna annoy us.
  3. A planner isn’t just a planner. It’s a way of life. Please don’t disturb us when its pages are open and we’re writing stuff down.
  4. Notebooks WILL be found all over the house. Often, stacks of them. Yes, we need that many.
  5. We easily become obsessed with weird random stuff like flamingos, pineapples, pineapples with sunglasses, watermelons, etc. Get used to our crazy.
  6. We take this stuff seriously. For some of us, it’s a business, so don’t dismiss our blogging as a simple little hobby. We sign contracts, pay taxes, and have clients, we’re not just aimlessly surfing the internet.
  7. Want  to impress us? Learn about PhotoShop or develop some professional photography skills. Bloggers like guys with skills. We’ll definitely keep you around if you can help us with our work.
  8. We talk to ourselves. Sometimes, a lot. Especially when writing a blog post. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. We’ll be having a great time, a great conversation, and mid-sentence we’ll run into the other room searching for a pen and paper like a crazy lunatic. When an idea comes up for a blog post, we can’t risk forgetting it!
  10. If we’re taking a long road trip, chances are we’re listening to a blog podcast instead of music, so you better be okay with that.
  11. A high traffic blog day puts us in an instant good mood! Celebrations are always in order on those days!
  12. Yes, we have tons of online friends we’ve never met. And you know what? They’re a whole lot nicer than most people we interact with face to face, so no, it’s not weird.
  13. Don’t know what to give us for our birthdays/V-day/anniversaries? Lucky for your, gift giving is no longer difficult. Just scroll through our blogs and you’ll likely find a whole bunch of wish list posts. You’re welcome.

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36 thoughts on “13 Things That Happen When You Date A Blogger

  1. Mayra Murillo says:

    This is so funny and 100% true! Often times when I do a gift guide I leave a message for my husband literally say “Husband get me this”. It’s comical how many times he often misses that and thinks I mean it towards the masses. Men!

  2. Tianna says:

    haha this was so true! I definitely become obsessed with random prints and patterns since becoming a blogger! so much yes to online friends and my family now knows to check my blog for gift ideas 😛

    • Kayla Cruz says:

      Right?? I’ve met so many cool people online and I’m always like, why are you so much nicer than most of the humans I have to see every day?? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Liz Jo says:

    Yes! I talk to myself so much that I have to say my husband’s name for him to know that I’m talking to him and not someone else or just myself. I do number 9 a good bit. But usually just type it out on my phone like a mad woman.

    liz @ j for joiner

    • Kayla Cruz says:

      That works too!! Lol our poor husbands. I’m sure my hubby feels neglected sometimes, but I always make it up to him! Thanks for stopping by! xoxox, Kayla

    • Kayla Cruz says:

      YayyY! Glad you liked it! Thanks so much for stopping by! Yea, eventually your friends are just like, “Yea, she’s blogging right now…leave her alone.”

  4. Flight & Scarlet says:

    Ahaha I love this post! So many things, ALL of them true. My significant other is a computer geek so he helps me a lot with coding when I run into an issue, and I make him read every single post for copy editing/suggestions. Sometimes I think he gets annoyed with how much time I spend on the computer doing blog stuff! Haha! Thanks for the hilarious post!

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