5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

How to upgrade your morning routine to start off your mornings feeling more productive

Mornings are the worst. I am definitely NOT a morning person. But over the past couple of weeks I’ve made a few really simple tweaks to my morning routine and they’ve made a world of a difference. I’ve found that by just doing these five simple things, I’ve been able to start my day feeling productive and less stressed out, so here’s what I suggest.

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12 Inspirational Girl Boss Quotes


Every once in a while I need a good kick in the butt to get me motivated, so consider this your friendly kick in the tush from yours truly.

Print these out, post them on Instagram, save them as your computer background…do whatever you have to do to remind yourself to chase after your dreams.

You got this, babe.

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First Look Wedding Photos

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d be fun to share my first look wedding photos with you guys.

first look_70
When Joe and I were planning our wedding over a year ago, we had to decide whether or not we wanted to have a first look session.

Now, for those of you who don’t know what that means, first look photos are photos you take on your wedding day BEFORE the actual wedding.

Traditionally, the groom doesn’t see the bride until she walks down the aisle. But with first look photos, the bride and groom meet before the ceremony to capture the first moment they see each other.

When I decided that I wanted to take first look photos, sure, I had moments of doubt. Do I want to keep things traditional? Is it really worth the argument with my mom? What if it turns out to be a total disaster? I had all those thoughts.

But let me tell you guys something, it was 100% worth it.

In the craziness of your wedding day, you’re surrounded by people every minute…every hour. So these 20 minutes that I spent with Joe before we said ‘I DO’ were some of my favorite moments of  that day.

Glad Lara Rios captured them on camera.

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10 Feel-Good Date Ideas

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Joe and I have been married almost a year now, and yea…it’s definitely been the best year of my life. I know, super corny, but I don’t care! I love married life and I wouldn’t change it for a thing. That’s not to say that we haven’t had challenges, though. He works full time and travels a lot, and between my full-time job, my blog, my book, speaking engagements and all the other projects I’m working on, we hardly ever get uninterrupted time together. But hello!!! We’re a young couple, and we need to spend time together, so we’ve made it a habit to schedule a few day dates/date nights a month where we do something different and fun!

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My 2016 Year End Review


For the last few days everyone’s been bitching and complaining about how terrible 2016 has been, but I’ve gotta be honest with you peeps – 2016 was pretty awesome if you ask me.

Maybe it was a bad year for SOME people. Or maybe they’re just choosing to focus on the bad. But I think that if we all look hard enough, there’s gotta be something positive that came out of this past year.

Learning, growth, discovery…something.

Even if your year was full of nothing but epic failures, then dude- you had some serious learning experiences that will prove to be super valuable moving forward.

So here are some of the highlights of this past year- my 2016 year end review.

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Our New Thanksgiving Traditions As A Married Couple

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I do love me some Christmas, but Thanksgiving  is my all-time fave.

For Joe and I, this was our second Thanksgiving as a married couple, and one of the things that I love most about married life is that we’re starting to establish our own holiday traditions.

So I thought it’d be fun to recap our Thanksgiving this year, and let you in on what some of those new traditions are.

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DIY Catnip Toys

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Thanksgiving is ONE WEEK AWAY, and I’m super happy about it because it’s my favorite holiday!

Who’s with me?!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, but at the top of that list is my crazy kitty Graham that I’m absolutely  obsessed with. Graham’s been my BFF for 6 or 7 years now (I’ve lost track), and he’s the coolest cat I’ve ever known.

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