How To Motivate Your Employees The Right Way (as told by a fed up millennial)

How To Motivate Your Employees The Right Way

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about a Ted Talk, but I came across this one the other day and I found myself agreeing 100% with everything this guy said.

In his Ted Talk, The Puzzle of Motivation, Dan Pink talks about something I think a lot about – motivation. What’s the right way of motivating employees?

Turns out, there really is a right way of motivating us, and most of our employers have it all wrong.

Just listen…

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How To Stand Out From The Crowd & Get Hired This New Year

how to get hired this new year

New year, new you, right?! New year, new job?! For those of you looking to land a new gig this year, my friend Erica’s put together a few really great tips to help you stand out from the crowd, and get hired!


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Corporate Survival Guide For Your Twenties: Book Update

Corporate Survival Guide For Your Twenties

There you go, guys!

That’s the latest cover design for my upcoming book, Corporate Survival Guide For Your Twenties.

WHAT DO YOU THINK!!?!? Love it? Hate it?

It’s due out in June, so there’s still quite a bit of work that has to be done, but I’m super excited about it!

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7 Things You Ought To Have Handy At A Business Meeting

meeting essentials

Alright, so most of us unfortunately spend a whole lot of time at business meetings. Some of them are really important, and others, well, you know…

Regardless, though, there are a few things I’ve learned to have handy anytime I have to endure one of these, because in order to look professional, let’s face it, you have to be prepared.

So here are a few things I won’t be caught at a meeting without:

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Guest Post: 3 Low Cost Things You Can Do To Impress Your Boss

Things You Can Do To Impress Your Boss

Most of us view ourselves as one of three types of workers, the underdog, the visionary, or the overachiever. Either you feel like you’re flying under the radar, you’re pursuing your true calling, or you’re working your buns off each day to prove yourself. If you fall into that first category, it’s very likely that at some point or another, you’ll come to the sad realization that your boss doesn’t know who you are.

But you WANT to impress your boss, and you want your boss to know who you are, so here are a few productive things you can do (in your own unique way) to show your boss that you know what you’re doing and you’re good at it. Not all of these will be a walk in the park, so to speak, but all of these suggestions cost little-to-no money and will actually allow you to improve your work performance and show your manager that you’re killing it at your job.

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5 Things To Ask For At Work When A Raise Is Off The Table

Things To Ask For At Work

A raise is ideal, right? You’ve been working your butt off, and yea, you could use a little extra cash since everything these days just keeps getting more and more expensive.

But here’s the deal…

Sometimes your employer can’t afford to give you a raise.

Sometimes your employer is just like you, trying to make ends meet, so they don’t have to fire half the staff.

So okay, sometimes a raise is completely off the table.

But rather than just getting a pat on the back for a job well done, there ARE a few other things you could ask for.

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