How To Say No At Work


If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably an overachiever. Hi! Nice to meet ya! You probably also burn yourself out too quickly because you tend to say yes to everything. Am I right? No shame in admitting it – join the club! So for those of you with a million things on your plate, my friend Dayton’s sharing some advice on how to say no at work while still being a total boss. Let us know what you think! Enjoy!

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My 2016 Year End Review


For the last few days everyone’s been bitching and complaining about how terrible 2016 has been, but I’ve gotta be honest with you peeps – 2016 was pretty awesome if you ask me.

Maybe it was a bad year for SOME people. Or maybe they’re just choosing to focus on the bad. But I think that if we all look hard enough, there’s gotta be something positive that came out of this past year.

Learning, growth, discovery…something.

Even if your year was full of nothing but epic failures, then dude- you had some serious learning experiences that will prove to be super valuable moving forward.

So here are some of the highlights of this past year- my 2016 year end review.

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5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile


With the new year right around the corner, this is the PERFECT time to make sure your resume’s up to date and in order. Today my friend Tori’s sharing some really great tips that’ll help you with your LinkedIn profile because let’s face it – it’s just as important as a paper resume these days.

LinkedIn: the ultimate networking and career-building website out there. Serving as a digital portfolio, it’s the Resume 2.0. It allows you to showcase yourself as more than just a professional, but also a person you’d want to grab a drink with after work.

As a social media marketer, Linkedin is usually a perpetually-open tab on my Mac. In addition to growing the LinkedIn profile for the company I work for, I love sharing my own blog posts about entrepreneurship and marketing. After recently starting my own #sidehustle, LinkedIn became even more important for building a quality portfolio and connecting with those who need social media and marketing assistance.

Anyone can have a LinkedIn profile, especially in this day and age. All it takes is responding to that pesky invite email in your inbox. It’s exponentially harder to have one that accurately and energetically conveys what you’re all about, and can be used to build new relationships

Instead of spending hours perfecting your profile, it’s smarter to focus on a few key items that will really make an impact. As the new year approaches, it’s time to give your profile the spruce-up it needs…without a complete upheaval. These 5 easy updates will add to your profile’s content and direction: try them out on your holiday plane-ride home or while in line at Target returning those maroon towels your aunt got you.

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Boss Lady Gift Guide


headphones // planner // pencil holder  // stapler  // corporate survival guide for your 20s // pen kate spade watch // business card holder external hard drive  // computer bag // coffee mug

We all know a boss lady when we see one. Always on the go, working on her empire, and absolutely determined to make shit happen! So what do you buy  a boss lady who’s on her way to having everything she’s ever wanted? Well, these are a few ideas to get you started.

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Making A Career Change + Finding Work That You Love

This post is made possible by support from the Forte Foundation. Discussing the process of making a career change and finding work that you love! All opinions are my own.

career change

For a very long time, I thought I had it all figured out.I thought I knew exactly where I wanted to be in my career, and in my early twenties,  I was on my way to getting there.

But then two years ago I found myself feeling stuck and miserable at a job that I hated, and I suddenly knew that I needed to make a career change. It wasn’t a fun time at first. It was actually quite frightening. Frightening and disruptive and if I’m being honest –  slightly problematic.

So I allowed myself to feel absolutely panicked for a couple of days, and after that, I started my journey of career discovery – aka, the most reflective two years of my life. Because between 2014 and 2016 I was on a quest for a job that suited me.I was trying to find work that I could love, and I was looking for a whole bunch of answers. After a lot of hard work and tons of introspection, I did  ultimately find those answers, and today I’m a much happier camper because of it.

Today I’m the published author of Corporate Survival Guide For Your Twenties, the founder of this millennial career & lifestyle blog, and I’m also working at BlackDog Advertising as a social media manager/digital content strategist.

Finally, things are starting to make sense.

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My Top 10 Most Commented Posts


I’ve been blogging for almost five years now, and boy has this been an adventure! I started this site without knowing a thing about blogging, and now I couldn’t picture my life without it.

So here’s a quick blast to the past – my most commented  posts, because for all of you who are new to the blog, you might have missed these!

1. How Millennials Are Redefining Success

2. How To Be Rich In Your Twenties

3. Don’t Wait. Be Happy Now.

4. Pursue A Lifestyle, Not A Job

5. Why We Need To Get Over Our Fear Of Rejection

6. The 5 Most Valuable Lessons Grad School Taught Me

7. How To Make Money Blogging Without Tons of Page Views

8. Why It’s Okay To Be Excited About The Awesome Stuff You’re Doing

9. How To Get Along With Older Coworkers

10. June Blog Income Report

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5 Things To Consider Before Changing Jobs


Changing jobs can be scary, but it can also be really exciting. I recently made a HUGE job change and hands-down, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. But making a decision like that, it’s not something you should take lightly. This is your life we’re talking about here, so you should make career moves only after you’ve taken certain things into account. Things like this…

The Money

I tell you guys all the time, don’t take jobs ONLY for money, but when you’re considering a job change, let’s face it, you still have to think about it. If your new job is going to pay you more than your current job, then heck, that’s awesome! But if changing jobs will consist of taking a pay cut, then you really need to sit down and do the numbers. Ask yourselves hard questions. How much do you need to make to pay the bills? What can you cut back on? You need to have a strong grasp of your finances or you’ll find yourself stressed out all the time, unable to do a decent job at your new workplace.

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