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How To Start A Blog

I started my blog 5 years ago on a whim. I was having a bad day at work and needed a place to vent. But here I am many years later still writing, and not only just writing, but also making money from my blog. […]

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Why I Started A Facebook Group

I stared a brand new Facebook Group last week, and it’s kind of been the best thing ever. The Gen Y Girl Career Advice Group has been open for a little over 10 days and we’ve already reached 120+ members. So I figured I’d let you guys know a little […]

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2016 Blog Income Report

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog income report, but 2016 was a good year, so I figured I’d let you know how I did. Alright so the last blog income report I posted was several months back where I shared my income for […]

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