2016 Blog Income Report

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog income report, but 2016 was a good year, so I figured I’d let you know how I did.


Alright so the last blog income report I posted was several months back where I shared my income for April- June of 2016. And then it looks like I took a six month break from these reports because there really aren’t enough hours in the day, ya know?!

But since I started prepping for tax season this past week, I finally got my shit together and took a look at this year’s numbers.

$15,476 – that’s what I made this year off of my blog. Crazy, right?

No I didn’t make six figures, but you know what?! I made $5,327 more than I did last year, and I’m really proud of  that.

For those of you who don’t know already, blogging isn’t my full time job. It’s totally a side-hustle right now. During the day I work at BlackDog doing creative stuff that I love, and on my off hours, I blog.

So an extra $15,000 this year from side hustling my ass off? I’ll take it!

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Blog Income Report April- June 2016


Hi guys! Again, I’m super late with this blog income report, but hey! Better late than never, right?!

I’ve been practically throwing my life into my book (and new job) so I really haven’t had a whole lot of time to focus on new content.

But I AM super-happy to say that I have a handful of new projects I’m working on right now, and I really think you guys are gunna LOVE them. Can’t wait to start sharing them with you!

Anyway, last blog income report (Q1) I shared the very sad fact that traffic had been going down pretty substantially over the past few months.

Well, uh… that’s still the case right now, at least for me, but that hasn’t stopped me from making a part-time income from my blog! Whoop whoop!

It’s amazing to think that 5 years ago I started this blog on a total whim, and here I am today finding ways to monetize something that I love doing.

So here’s what the breakdown looked like for April, May, and June:

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Blog Income Report January – March 2016


Okay, I’m obviously a little late here with my income reports, but I’ve had a really hard time getting to them given that so much of my focus lately has been on my new book.

So I’m SUPER sorry, but hey! Better late than never, right?!

Now the first thing I want to tell EVERYONE here is that traffic has gone down SO MUCH.

Some days I want to cry a little bit, but I’ve been reading other blogs lately and a lot of them have reported that yes, blog income has gone down.

For me, I know it had everything to do with the new Pinterest algorithm.

I was getting tons of traffic from Pinterest, and now, everything’s changed.

But that’s how it is in this industry, baby! Actually, that’s how it is in EVERY industry, so I’ll just have to work that much harder to figure out how to get traffic back up.

Can’t let that knock me down.

On the bright side, despite my traffic drop, I’ve still been able to make some good solid money off my blog, so YAY for that!

Here’s what the breakdown looked like:

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December Blog Income Report

December Blog Income Report

December was an AMAZING month.

A crazy month, that’s for sure…but an amazing one.

I had more blog work than ever, and for that, I’m super thankful.

But dude, I’m tired now.

To be honest, I’m a tiny bit burnt out.

But whatever, gotta keep going!

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October/November Blog Income Report

Blog Income Report

Sorry I’m a little late on my blog income reports! But today, here they are!

October and November were absolutely crazy. I spent all of October preparing for our wedding and finishing my upcoming book, and I spent all of November well, getting married, going on our honeymoon, and moving into our new house!

LOL I did three of the most stressful things possible (writing a book, getting married, and moving/closing on a new house) all at the same time. I’m a genius, I know.

I was a complete crazy person during these months.

But I survived, and I’m so glad that’s all over with.

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September Blog Income Report

September Blog Income Report

Every month, I look forward to sharing my blog income report with you guys, and this past month was no different.

September was a good month!

But before you read my September blog income report, check out my previous blog income reports here:




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August Blog Income Report

August Blog Income Report

Alright guys, time for another blog income report!

I’m so glad that I decided to start doing these income reports back in June, and today’s report is kind of interesting.

First of all, in case you need a refresher, here are my reports for June and July. Now here’s August:

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