5 Best Investments You Can Make in College

5 Best Investments You Can Make In College

Okay, so you’re broke. Join the club!

But wait, before you continue reading, answer one question. Do you have any of the following?…

a. IPad

b. New Car Rims

c. New Car Speakers

d. Michael Kors Watch

e. Beats by Dre

Yea, that’s what I thought. Many college students do. I just don’t get it. So clearly, the issue is more about HOW people are spending their money because dude, if you can spend $145.95 on headphones, you’re not broke, you’re just investing your money poorly.

So here’s a list of the five best investments you can make in college.

1. The Gym

Yes, the gym. Take care of yourself. People like other people that look like they take care of themselves. It’s been proven that when you’re healthier, you make more money. You might even meet a hot guy/girl.

2. A shrink

All the best people have one. Mine is fantastic.

3. Knowledge

If you’re going to spend money, please, buy books. If you want to save the planet, buy e-books. Read articles. Read blogs. Watch videos. This is the only reason why you should have an IPad.

4. Networking

Spend money on going places where you can meet potential employers. Go to conferences and seminars that might teach you essential life skills. Join a club. Join a sorority or fraternity. Become a part of anything that allows you to grow your network.

5. Travel

Do I really have to explain this? Traveling is by far one of THE BEST things you can do with your money. Instead of spending $200 on a watch (that will break, btw) please buy yourself a plane ticket somewhere and go explore. Traveling changes us in such an amazing way. It helps us understand ourselves and others. It helps us define our purpose in life. It gives us perspective.

So there you have it. Regardless of whether you make $5 or $500 a week, learning how to spend your money is key to being a successful human being. Don’t waste what little money you have on things that don’t matter. The rims on your car and your super cool new speakers don’t matter. You might even be more likely to get pulled over for speeding. Then you’ll get a ticket. Then you’ll be even more broke. Then you’ll starve and die.

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65 thoughts on “5 Best Investments You Can Make in College

    • Vincenzo says:

      A very clean website with some very usuefl information. I am sold! You really know what you are talking about, its evident in your writing. Cannot wait to check out more of your articles in the coming weeks!

  1. Elyse says:

    I really love this post. I am a college student, but I also work full time and I see people buying brand new cars and then complaining about the money they don’t have after their car payment every month. This is something I will never understand. People who choose to buy things, then complain about how much it costs, I will never understand.

  2. Sophia says:

    This is an awesome list! I totally agree with your thinking about people buying so many “cool” items- apple poducts, for example- and yet always complaining of their lack of money. It drives me crazy. Thanks for writing this!

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