How To Snag A Management Position


Hope you guys enjoy today’s guest post from my friend Mila! Let us know what you think!

Let’s face it, millennials are struggling in the job market these days. Despite being the most educated generation to date, a whole bunch of us are unemployed and others are UNDERemployed. Those of us who are underemployed have to deal with the fact that we’re likely under PAID too, and with all this student debt we’ve got to deal with, this isn’t the ideal situation!

We need to start moving up in our careers so that we can start earning enough sweet sweet moola to afford to pay our student loans, keep a roof over our heads, and save for our futures!

Often, one of the big steps to moving up in a career is some kind of management position. So how can you make sure you’re ready when that opportunity arises? Well, you can start off by recognizing managerial qualities in yourself. If you can see qualities in yourself that make a good manager, you ought to foster and develop them so that when a position becomes available, you’re seen as the obvious choice.

So here are some of the things you should focus on:

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Dorm Room Essentials

dorm room essentials

1. Shatter Proof Wine Glasses // 2. NutriBullet // 3. Keurig // 4. Lunch Container // 5. Coffee Mug // 6. Filtered Water Pitcher // 7. Glass Tupperware // 8. Slow Cooker

Can you guys believe that school’s already back in session? What the heck?! Where did this summer go? Oh well, guess there’s no point in complaining about it.  Back to reality!

Now I know that going back to school isn’t always fun, but you know what KIND OF is?! Getting your dorm room all set up! So today I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of dorm room essentials and I want to tell you a little bit about Amazon Prime Student.

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4 Tips For Millennial Investors


Hope you guys enjoy today’s guest post from my friend, Adam! Let us know what you think!

Millennials don’t invest that much.

Well, at least not that often. Millennials ignore the stock market to the extent that there are numerous articles online about why they don’t invest. Usually it’s a combination of factors: unstable income, too much debt, not enough understanding of how trading works, etc.

Really, it all makes perfect sense! You don’t need to hear for the 4,000th time that millennials are having a hard time finding jobs and are graduating with crippling college (or even graduate school) debt. Why would people in our generation put what money we do have into investments, particularly when we’ve lived through devastating market crashes that had our parents staying up at night grinding their teeth into powder?

Well, I can’t completely answer those questions. It’s hard to blame a member of the millennial generation for avoiding, or even distrusting, the stock market. That said, it’s a fundamental truth that investment can grow your finances over time, and most financial experts would advise looking into it. So for those who may be interested, I wanted to post a few beginner investor tips specifically for this generation.

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Blog Income Report April- June 2016


Hi guys! Again, I’m super late with this blog income report, but hey! Better late than never, right?!

I’ve been practically throwing my life into my book (and new job) so I really haven’t had a whole lot of time to focus on new content.

But I AM super-happy to say that I have a handful of new projects I’m working on right now, and I really think you guys are gunna LOVE them. Can’t wait to start sharing them with you!

Anyway, last blog income report (Q1) I shared the very sad fact that traffic had been going down pretty substantially over the past few months.

Well, uh… that’s still the case right now, at least for me, but that hasn’t stopped me from making a part-time income from my blog! Whoop whoop!

It’s amazing to think that 5 years ago I started this blog on a total whim, and here I am today finding ways to monetize something that I love doing.

So here’s what the breakdown looked like for April, May, and June:

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Resume Strategies That Will Help You Get Hired


Hi guys! Hope you enjoy today’s guest post from my friend Sara! Let us know what you think!

When it comes to applying for jobs, your resume is the thing you rely on the most as it’s the first thing that the hiring manager will see. If your resume’s weak, you won’t even reach the interview stage, so here are a few tips to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Include Keywords In Your Resume

Before your resume will even reach the hiring manager, there’s a high chance that the company that you are applying for is using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). For this reason, it’s a good idea to keyword optimize your resume.

Where do you find the right keywords to use? Read the job description to understand what the company is looking for exactly. Particularly pay attention to the duties and required experience and include keywords from those sections. Make sure that you meet at least 50% of the criteria. If you don’t, then maybe this position isn’t the best fit for you, unless they’re looking to train new candidates.

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Managing Your Finances During Your First Year Of Marriage


In three months, Joe and I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. God, it’s crazy how time flies, right?! But let me tell you something, it’s been the best year yet. It’s super corny, I know, but. I absolutely ADORE old-person married life!

Now as good as it’s been, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any challenges. That’s what adulting is, after all…a whole bunch of challenges thrown in your face to solve. For Joe and I, we’ve been trying really hard to focus on managing our finances, and on most days, it’s been a headache and a half.

When Joe and I were dating, things were easy. We rented a small apartment, had very little expenses, and our accounts were all separate, so as long as I remembered to pay my car loan, insurance, cell phone, and credit card, I was good! I knew exactly how much money I had at any given time, and I knew exactly how much was coming in. I also wasn’t spending a whole lot, so I just got to watch my bank account grow. It was nice while it lasted.

As soon as Joe and I got married, our finances completely changed. For starters, we bought a house, and we now had a new thing called a mortgage. It was double what we were used to paying in rent, and it also didn’t include things like utilities and cable. So we had bigger bills and more bills than we were used to, and for a while I wanted to cry every day.

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Staying Comfy and Confident As A Busy Millennial Blogger


Guys!! I finally started setting up my at-home office, and I’m LOVING how it’s coming along! How freaking cute is this chair my mom bought me?! Best. Momma. Ever.

But it was definitely time for a desk in my room, because I’ve got a ton to do, and I can’t seem to find enough time to get everything done.

I’m OBSESSED with my new job at BlackDog Advertising, working on a whole bunch of new projects for the blog, and I’m also promoting the heck out of my new book! If you haven’t checked it out, please do!

But things have been good! I can’t complain!


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