My Fall Bucket List – 25 Things To Do This Fall

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Fall is here guys, and I couldn’t be happier!

I have so much on my fall bucket list this year because last  year Joe and I were so busy with wedding planning and moving into our new house that I really didn’t have time to stop and enjoy my favorite season.

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10 Easy Ways to Crush Your Commute


I have a one hour commute to work every day, and I’m not going to lie to you, it’s terrible. But that’s Miami! There’s traffic anywhere you go, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I absolutely hate it because I have way too much anxiety to be stuck in a car for two hours a day. There’s just nothing good about it! But since I can’t change how far I live from my job, I’ve been working on making my drive to work more enjoyable, so here are a few of my favorite ways to totally crush your commute! 

1. Grab your coffee!

Coffee-to-go is part of my morning routine these days and I’m absolutely loving it. Before I leave the house, I fill up one of my Dixie® To Go cups and in a couple of minutes, I’m out the door!


[One hot beverage, coming right up!]

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Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle In Your Twenties

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In my early twenties I can honestly tell you that I totally took my health for granted and I know I’m not the only one. Unfortunately, it seems that when we’re young we don’t really pay too much attention to how healthy we are. We’re in college, hanging out with our friends, in the dating scene, and the last thing on our minds is our health. But it certainly IS important because the habits we start forming in our twenties will usually stay with us throughout our adult life. So how do you want to live it? If you’re like me and committed to being at the top of your game, here are five tips for living a healthy lifestyle in your twenties.

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7 Ways To Balance It All This Semester


Hi guys! Okay so I’m OBSESSED with this post from my friend Madeline, because balance…yea, that’s not something I’m the best at! And although I’m not in college anymore, the tips that she’s sharing here are still relatable to post-grad life! So take out a pen and take some notes! Let us know what you think!


We all want to be able to do everything all at once, but in reality a 24-hour day only allows us to accomplish so much! The first step to time management is recognizing your limits. In a University setting, it is fairly straightforward to know the limit of classes to take. Your school should have a standard amount of credits that students take on average…follow that! Don’t always try to be a superstar and take that extra class, because, coming from experience, that extra bit could really put a working student over the edge!

If you are involved with clubs on campus, or outside of school, be frank with your club members about your time constraints. By letting them know early on, you can ensure that you don’t overcommit yourself to the organization.

When it comes to your internship, or job, I stick with the same philosophy: be upfront with your employer about how many hours per week you can contribute without overextending yourself.

Lastly, social life! In order to keep balanced this semester I recommend you prioritize where social life fits into your schedule. Make time for your family and friends, but remember what you deem most important out of all your responsibilities and make sure you are devoting enough time to that!

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We Are Andrex – Handcrafted Jewelry & Chokers

we are andrex jewelry

I guess it’s official now.

Chokers are a thing again.

And man…these are the days I regret throwing things away, you know?

I had some cute chokers back in the day!

Back in the day when I so badly wanted to be a part of the Spice Girls…

But that’s fashion for you! Trends come, trends go, and a few years later, they’re back again!

I’m pretty excited about this one though.

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How to Win at Salary Negotiations

salary negotiations

Hope you guys enjoy today’s guest post from my friend Katie! Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

For years I had a hard time figuring out how much I should be paid—and then asking for it. Yes, I struggled with confidence issues and imposter syndrome, but I mainly just didn’t know how to calculate what I was worth, and then make my case.

In theory, compensation is based on “objective” factors like seniority, years of experience, and the responsibilities of the job at hand—but who’s to say how much any of those things are actually worth?

Nobody’s going to go out of their way to give you money. At the end of the day it’s up to you to make yourself attractive to an employer. Easier said than done, though, right?

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Game Day Glam

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roll tide

Joe and I are huge Alabama football fans. Anyone who knows us, knows that.

Our Saturdays revolve around football, and I won’t be caught dead without some BAMA gear.

I gotta represent, ya know?!

So today I’m showing you a couple of my favorite looks featuring two great pieces from Flying Colors.

Flying Colors designs feminine, fashionable, flirty and fun clothing for all of us women who want to support our teams while looking cute and put together!

Because there’s more to college football style than oversized t-shirts and baggy hoodies!

You can represent your favorite teams with custom Toms like these that I got from Etsy that I’m OBSESSED WITH! Roll, Tide, Roll!

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